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You can order your individual ERNA route easily in our web shop. Simply upload your permit (any applicant) and indicate your earliest transport date. To implement the ERNA route, download the ERNA App once from the Google Playstore onto your Android device, for which we recommend a WiFi connection.

As soon as the ERNA route has been created, at the latest at the start of your transport, you will receive the access details for your individual route at the email address given here in the web shop. With the access details, the driver can easily enter the ERNA App and load his or her individual route; only a small amount of data is required for this, so it is possible with a mobile data connection.


Security Benefit from more than three decades of experience and collaborate with us to make your transports safer with the ISO 25051 certified ERNA.

e-Co-Driver WebShop

Simply upload the VEMAGS permit (Any permit) in the webshop.


Your VEMAGS permit will be digitized in the backend. Login data for the e-Co-Driver ERNA will be sent to the notification holder via automated email.

e-Co-Driver ERNA App

Simply download the e-Co-Driver ERNA App for free on the Google PlayStore. The e-Co-Driver App is available for all Android tablets. The map material is loaded and updated with the first download and app updates.

The ERNA Tour

All participants in the transport (truck drivers, escort vehicle drivers, police, etc.) activate the e-Co-Driver ERNA App with the login data. They can then view the tour preparation, etc., and start the e-Co-Driver ERNA relaxed at the start of the transport.

Hardware requirements

To use the e-co-pilot ERNA, it is important to ensure that your system meets the required hardware specifications. Before activating ERNA, we recommend checking the following minimum requirements.

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ERNA Notice


Features Discover the impressive features of the e-co-pilot that elevate your transport to a new level. The e-co-pilot offers a variety of unique features aimed at making your ride as safe, enjoyable, and comfortable as possible.

24/7 Service

Book ERNA once in the shop (24/7) and it is available to all involved in transportation at no additional cost.

Safety for All

We guarantee intelligent navigation and communication. Regulations and their areas are announced and displayed without distracting the driver, ensuring a safe journey.


Our prices are fair and predictable. Tour calculation is made easy by always ensuring price transparency.


Rely on over 30 years of experience and let us make your journeys and the roads safer together with the ISO 25051 certified ERNA.